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Crazy Eight- triplet

Transform your brainstorming sessions with our revolutionary multi-user canvas designed for Crazy Eight brainstorming. Harness the power of AI to generate images, add documents, assign tasks, and collaborate in real-time via video call. Make your brainstorming actionable and efficient with our versatile tool, perfect for any creative team.

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Crazy 8
Crazy 8
Generate AI images
Generate AI images
Up to 16 participants
Up to 16 participants


Enhanced Creativity

Utilize AI-generated images to spark innovative ideas.

Seamless Collaboration

Work together in real-time with your team, no matter where they are.

Efficient Brainstorming

Make your ideas actionable by adding documents and assigning tasks.

Integrated Communication

Discuss and refine ideas via built-in video calls.

Crazy Eight- triplet

Use cases

Product Development Teams
Brainstorm features and improvements for new products.
Educational Workshops
Facilitate engaging and collaborative brainstorming sessions for students.
Remote Teams
Conduct efficient and effective brainstorming sessions regardless of location.
Design Teams
Collaborate on design concepts and iterations in real-time.


Video Call Integration

Conduct live discussions and brainstorming sessions within the platform.

Document Integration

Add and manage documents directly on the canvas.

AI Image Generation

Create visuals on the fly with AI assistance.


What is Crazy Eight brainstorming?

Crazy Eight is a rapid ideation technique where participants sketch eight distinct ideas in eight minutes to encourage creative thinking.

Can I use this tool for remote collaboration?

Yes, our tool is designed for remote teams, allowing real-time collaboration and video calls.

Is it possible to integrate documents into the brainstorming session?

Absolutely! You can add and share documents seamlessly during your session.


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