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Elevate Your Storyboarding

Collaborate seamlessly on storyboarding projects with our advanced multi-user canvas template. Generate AI-powered images, integrate documents, assign tasks, and conduct video calls all within one platform. Ideal for teams looking to enhance productivity and creativity in their storyboarding process.

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Storyboard example
Storyboard example
Create the flow of your story with images, texts, assigned tasks to execute.
AI assistance
AI assistance
Get inspiration from AI, and keep the conversation findable in the context of this Storyboard.
Generate images
Generate images
Generate the images by prompting with AI
Immersive room optimized
Immersive room optimized
To improve collaboration this template is out of the box optimized for Immersive rooms.


AI Integration

Utilize AI to generate images, speeding up the creative process.

Enhanced Collaboration

Work together in real-time, no matter where your team is located.

Efficient Task Management

Assign slides and tasks to team members directly within the canvas.

Integrated Communication

Discuss your Storyboard in live video calls without leaving the platform.

All-in-One Solution

Combine image generation, document integration, task assignment, and video calls in one seamless experience.

Storyboard - triplet

Use cases

Film and TV Production
Collaborate on Storyboards for scenes and scripts with your production team in real-time.
Marketing Campaigns
Plan and visualize your marketing campaigns, creating a cohesive strategy with input from all stakeholders.
Product Development
Use the canvas to brainstorm, design, and iterate on new product concepts and features.
Educational Projects
Teachers and students can collaboratively create Storyboards for projects, presentations, and assignments.
Advertising Agencies
Develop and refine advertising concepts and pitches with your creative team.


Video Call Integration

Conduct live discussions and brainstorming sessions within the platform.

Document Integration

Add and manage documents directly on the canvas.

AI Image Generation

Create visuals on the fly with AI assistance.


Can I generate images using AI within the canvas?

Yes, you can generate and edit images using our built-in AI tools directly within the canvas.

Is it possible to assign specific slides to team members?

Absolutely. You can assign tasks and slides to individual team members to streamline the workflow.

Can we conduct video calls while working on the canvas?

Yes, our platform includes integrated video call functionality for seamless communication.


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